Veteran status makes you more legit?

page 51 – “Service created a sense of legitimacy and reinforced the confidence that public policy would benefit from the same talents that had won in war.”

At first this makes sense – sure, a candidate with military experience means that you might understand how the military works a bit more than your opponent.  However, to quote some unknown democrat from the YL/CR debate last week in Dodd, “you don’t need to take another man’s life to understand foreign policy.”  So, while that’s true (I’m certainly liberally biased, so I suppose that I’m thinking Obama vs. McCain here), as the author, Gambone points out, veterans are a HUGE constituancy group, and they make up America in large numbers.  To completely bow to McCain becuase of the fact that he (or any other candidate) is a veteran is stupid, but on the other hand, you definitely have to consider that him being in the military gives him total legitimacy in the eyes of millions of Americans because of a bond that civilians could never understand.

2 Responses to 'Veteran status makes you more legit?'

  1. dchacona Says:

    I think that everything McCain went through during the Vietnam war absolutely made him a hero because he suffered alot for our country. If that makes him fit to lead our country is an issue of debate. After reading about different wars and how the veterans of each war were recieved differently by the public I wonder if McCain was a POW in a more popular war then would his service be reflected in a more positive light.

  2. estortz Says:

    While I agree that it is a good point to make that him being a war hero alone is not a good reason to elect him for office, being a war hero is not the only credential that the American public is looking at in electing him for political office. I’m sure McCain’s followers look a little bit deeper than his military background in searching for our next president.